Strategy Page

Our investment strategy rests on two pillars: Value Investment & Value Creation

Value Investment

In our view Value Investing means investing in attractive companies priced below their intrinsic value. These businesses are often overlooked or misunderstood, and may be underperforming. Our due diligence process tries to understand the reasons behind this underperformance, and focuses on identifying companies that are fundamentally sound, have a sustainable competitive advantage and where we can invest with a margin of safety.

Value Creation

For us, Value Creation means improving the intrinsic value of a company through active ownership. Working with management and Industry Experts we use private equity-like value creation tools to develop strategic plans focused on strengthening corporate governance, improving margins, and growing revenue. Investing with a long term horizon enables us to be a strong partner to management, providing input and support sustainable growth.

Since inception of our firm, our companies have delivered:


FTE Growth




Profit Growth


Debt Reduction